Darija S. Radaković

I was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, former Yugoslavia. I have moved to Belgrade in the middle of the war where I got my BFA from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University in Belgrade.

That gave me the opportunity to express my disgust with authorities, mentality and a tradition of wrong choices, and to criticize society through my work and to try to set the focus on some of the consequences of our misdoings.

I have always had a critical attitude toward my surroundings, and when it comes to making art I tend to think that some satire is inevitable, maybe even remedial.

My work is never the same, neither in technique, style, nor a theme, but it’s always about the honest confrontation with the issue that triggers my attention, and exposing that confrontation to the audience. I’m coming from a background of an explosive euro-oriental mixture, that poorly understands itself, its colliding and entangled identities and their self-confusing multiplicity, scared of otherness and its own subconscious.

In 2010 I left for Canada with my family to restart our lives.

Now it seems that the issues I left behind are emerging in my new surroundings; that matters of collective and cultural identity, and exclusivity are gaining ground, while civic liberty, individual responsibility, the culture of dialog and the open society we had taken for granted have to be vigorously defended from daily attacks.


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