Misplaced Woman

My family and I were waiting to become Canadians since 2007. A few days ago, on October 5th 2015, our dream became true.

But, there is always a but. Since general elections have been announced for October 18th, the main question has been should a woman be allowed to attend the citizenship ceremony, state the oath, and become a Canadian citizen while wearing a veil. As this was an obvious attempt to steer the public in order to gain votes on an issue as irrelevant as this one, I naturally got sick of this manipulation and islamophobia.

This is Canada; I didn’t come here all the way from Bosnia to be told what I am or am not allowed to wear. So I had to attend the citizenship ceremony wearing a niqab. I explained it to my family; I had to make a demonstration at home the day before the ceremony, and luckily they agreed to my proposal. To my delight, everything went very smoothly on that October the 5th.

I recalled Tanja Ostojić's "Misplaced Women" performance and decided to take a part. Until the election is over, I will be exposing the content of my bag at different public locations here in Calgary, wearing a niqab of course.