Kill Bill n°62

Kill Bill n°62 / art installation / 2018

It is so obvious that everything could be questioned nowadays, but it’s also obvious that politicization of basic human rights, for e.g. freedom of expression, can easily become a threat pointed at the group of people and the innocent individual.

Making a political issue of what we wear, not to mention what is women allowed to wear in 21st century in Canada, is not a feminist issue, or some sort of human rights question anymore - it is about government dividing the people, spreading the fear, and in the bottom line demonstrating the power over individual choices with the Bill n°62.

The scariest part is that the campaign is fruitful considering that the recent polls suggest that two thirds of all Canadians would like to see the same crushing of the personal liberty in their own provinces too. Most of them haven’t ever meet a veiled person in their life, but still they are susceptible to fearmongering that will in effect harm their own freedom of choice.

This piece is made to attract the passengers’ attention, and to invite them to take a second look. It’s aim is to show the tendencies of new Canadian politics, and the hidden danger that comes from taking the liberty away from the citizen.